Green swap again !

(en français plus bas)

Good morning !

My partner received my parcel ! So I can show what I made for her now.
There was : organic biscuits, vintage fabric, a recycled note-book, my album (i'm a musician too),

and, two gift bags,

and a card with my partner's name.

I really hope she enjoyed ! Have a nice week-end !

Ma partenaire pour le Green Swap a reçu son colis, je peux donc dévoiler ce qu'il y avait dedans : un paquet de biscuits bio, un bloc-note en papier recyclé, du tissu vintage, mon album (je suis musicienne aussi), deux pochettes cadeaux en tissu et une carte à son nom.  J'espère qu'elle a aimé ! Bon week-end !


  1. Fabulous! Thanks so much for taking part, we're glad you enjoyed the swap!
    Emma & Rachel x

  2. Tres beau! ...if I remember my high school French correctly...
    Great swap goodies

  3. Lovely, this has been a great swap to take part in hasn't it?!