Giveaway winners / Gagnantes du concours

Good evening ! (en français plus bas)

Here are the name of the winners, that my very innocent son picked from all the participants :

- First : Karen who chose "Pink and grey"
- Second : Aude Lauriol who chose "Pink and grey" as well but who will have "White and yellow" I'm afraid as she is second !

Thank you to all for entering ! Have a good night !

Voici le nom des gagnantes, que la main très innocente de mon fils à tirer au sort ce matin :

- Première : Karen qui avait choisi le lot "Pink and grey"
- Seconde : Aude Lauriol qui avait choisi aussi "Pink and grey" mais qui, malheureusement, aura le lot "White and yellow", comme le veulent les règles du concours !

Merci à toutes d'avoir participer. Boone nuitée !


  1. He is so adorable. Give him a big hug from me for picking my name!! I am so excited to be getting something from France!!!
    Big Hugs!!

  2. My beautiful pink and grey gift arrived today!! Thank you so much for sending it all the way to the US. I love everything and am thrilled!!